Some random thoughts on excellence


I’ve been rereading Re-imagine and inspired by some of Tom Peters recent thoughts on implementation so thought I’d put some random thoughts on excellence, implementation down . So what is  excellence. And how does it relate to success. Does excellence on its own = success? This is a great question – because success is such a personal thing. For me, a little formula is success=excellence + passion + execution. Excellence being ‘best in the world’, stretching your internal beliefs about your ability, passion being love! hate! the real reason for doing anything, execution being ‘get it done’ – the art of inspiring and organizing  for results rather than politics. Try stuff, don’t fear failure as it’s a step on the road to success. Success in teams needs all these elements, in all the people.    More later.


One Response to “Some random thoughts on excellence”

  1. 1 Jason Foster

    I love this book. I dip in and out of it all the time. Inspiring.

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