LinkedIn Q ‘how has your organisation used BI’


Question: How has your business utilized Business Intelligence (BI) and how do you see this developing in the future? Do you see this is a separate departmental function or a core attribute for senior managers and executives?

My answer:
I’ve seen a range of clients with different approaches to business intelligence, at various levels of maturity across different dimensions, including data quality, integration, automation, business buy-in, strategic vs tactical vs operational.

Most of these have been successful at some level in providing value through information delivery to support decisions. The really successful ones see that the exploitation of and insight into information comes from top down so that top management look at all the numbers (not just the typical financial ones).

The delivery of effective business intelligence to the senior management sponsorship then needs to be across their scope of influence – i.e. consistent across the company.

So to answer your question directly, a data-driven decision making mindset at the top level is needed for effective utilisation across the company (these top people don;t need to be ‘power-users’ but they will have the power to make things happen). Then the rest of the organisation will follow in their stead.

The leading state of delivery of business intelligence (i.e. the BI department) is a cross-organisation ‘competency centre’, ‘centre of excellence’ or similar where there is a core of skilled, experienced business intelligence architects and developers, who work closely with department-level business people and technologists to deliver optimised BI solutions to the business, using the most relevant areas of the organisation’s knowledge.

Business Intelligence is evolving towards an integration with search technology in one direction (give me the answer i need based on these search terms), integration with business rules, predictive analytics and business process management to give ‘decision management’ in another, and more integrated reporting and planning (which has been evolving for years) in another.

These aren’t as different as they seem and all the threads have one thing in common – essentially, a real need for a quality information management approach across the organisation (source systems, master data, data warehouses) which should not be underestimated


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