I specialise in business intelligence and information quality consulting, with the technology practice of a big 4 consulting firm. I’m based in Zürich, Switzerland.

All views and opinions herein are solely those of the author(s) and may not correspond with my employer’s official policy.

I’ve been working mainly with insurance companies for the last three years and at the moment am interested in three main things:

  • the information integration required for Solvency II and the SST especially how this impacts the group function
  •  the information quality required for predictive analytics and decision automation/workflow.
  • the business case for information quality and master data management for insurance companies


The CV bit.. 


I have focused on business intelligence, information management and data warehousing for over 10 years, and worked with clients from blue chip energy and finance houses through SMEs to large and small public sector organisations.

I believe it’s all about business performance. Using the data that exists inside and outside the organisation to improve performance, using whatever techniques are necessary to achieve this. I believe that we need to bring together that is going on in the worlds of data quality, operational intelligence, master data, decision management. The plumbing between these separate areas are where organisations need to focus to really optimise the way they use data to improve performance.


disclaimer – All content and opinions here are those of the author(s) and are not the opinion of any of their employers or other parties.

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  1. Love the blog Nathan.


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