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Doug Henshen at Intelligent enterprise blogged about a speech at the TDWI by Tracy Austin, former CIO of Mandalay Resort Group and former VP of IT at Harrah’s Entertainment, one of the most celebrated BI-driven enterprises in the world. 1. BI must be business driven, tied to measurable business goals. If BI is currently IT […]

This was in response to a post on linkedin  regarding the usage of business intelligence. Traditional business intelligence on its own is nice. It lets you know what you have done as a business, and a little bit on where you could be doing in the future. I 100% agree with the other posters about […]

My clients often see a lot of value in enterprise data management efforts (whether MDM, CDI, data quality efforts)  as a purely back end, technical effort. However, in order to add even more value to the effort then we often (read always…) need to look at the underlying business processes rather than looking at data and technology […]



Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to use this to communicate the up and coming trends in biz intelligence, enterprise data management, including master data, enterprise information integration, operational intelligence, and historical insight including predictives. The overarching aim though is to focus on the areas of data integration which actually deliver increases in […]

health & safety


One of my colleagues and I wrote this after the Buncefield explosion in the UK in late 2005. I’d done some work with a major energy firm on the data integration and reporting around their health & safety. Hopefully more energy firms will look into using their historical data to try to predict future events.