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I haven’t blogged for a while but thought I would after reading Henrik Liliendahl Sørrensen’s post on 55 reasons for data quality. Henrik focused on customer master data, I’ve focused on key areas in financial and MI data – so charts of accounts and organisational hierarchies. So it’s probably of more interest to your CFO or financial controllers than the operational people.


 Is it the same as reference data, or is it much bigger, or smaller? Dan Lindstedt in another post I’ve linked to says how to implement it, but as David Loshin discusses here there isn’t really a clear definition. At the moment I think that Master data becomes reference data at the point that it is consumed by the end system – Master data exists, […]



Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to use this to communicate the up and coming trends in biz intelligence, enterprise data management, including master data, enterprise information integration, operational intelligence, and historical insight including predictives. The overarching aim though is to focus on the areas of data integration which actually deliver increases in […]

health & safety


One of my colleagues and I wrote this after the Buncefield explosion in the UK in late 2005. I’d done some work with a major energy firm on the data integration and reporting around their health & safety. Hopefully more energy firms will look into using their historical data to try to predict future events.