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I haven’t blogged for a while but thought I would after reading Henrik Liliendahl Sørrensen’s post on 55 reasons for data quality. Henrik focused on customer master data, I’ve focused on key areas in financial and MI data – so charts of accounts and organisational hierarchies. So it’s probably of more interest to your CFO or financial controllers than the operational people.


Question: How has your business utilized Business Intelligence (BI) and how do you see this developing in the future? Do you see this is a separate departmental function or a core attribute for senior managers and executives? My answer: I’ve seen a range of clients with different approaches to business intelligence, at various levels of […]

Speaking yesterday with a colleague, we got around to discussing ‘information as a service’. My colleague is a vendor analyst by training before joining us so keeps a close eye on what the vendors are saying. His view was that the vendors are saying that information as a service is all about holding data in […]

Vinnie Mirchendani blogged today about how GE are using essentially BAM on their leased turbines to predict downtime and then share cost savings with their customers. The original came from Booz, Allen. This is such a great product of operational intelligence. Vinnie mentions how it could be done for outsourcers – coming up with […]

Name change


I’ve just changed the name to information and decisions, to more accurately reflect the topics that I am interested in the management of. Nothing else has changed however!

The BBC are showing a documentary (Horizon) this evening (12 Feb 08)  about making better decisions. It’s written up on their website. Basically it’s a presentation of Geek Logic by Garth Sundem, a book about equations/models that can be used to make better decisions in daily life, such as should you go to the gym, or […]

There has been an argument over the past few years about real-time vs right-time data amongst vendors and analysts, who approach the question from the feasibility of technology, talking about ‘federated databases’ real-time ETL. real-time purchase history. For techies these are valid questions and interesting arguments. But, if the data doesn’t reach the point of […]

goals again


I just realised that I’d published that and i haven’t really put any thought into my own goals – where I am and where I want to be. A task for the upcoming weeks.

I work for a well known consulting firm. The problem with this is, that everyone knows we do consulting, but have no idea about what we actually do. To that end, we’re aiming to get out and use conferences, workshops and articles in trade magazines to build up the profile of the firm in data […]

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