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Question: How has your business utilized Business Intelligence (BI) and how do you see this developing in the future? Do you see this is a separate departmental function or a core attribute for senior managers and executives? My answer: I’ve seen a range of clients with different approaches to business intelligence, at various levels of […]

Doug Henshen at Intelligent enterprise blogged about a speech at the TDWI by Tracy Austin, former CIO of Mandalay Resort Group and former VP of IT at Harrah’s Entertainment, one of the most celebrated BI-driven enterprises in the world. 1. BI must be business driven, tied to measurable business goals. If BI is currently IT […]

The BBC are showing a documentary (Horizon) this evening (12 Feb 08)  about making better decisions. It’s written up on their website. Basically it’s a presentation of Geek Logic by Garth Sundem, a book about equations/models that can be used to make better decisions in daily life, such as should you go to the gym, or […]

There has been an argument over the past few years about real-time vs right-time data amongst vendors and analysts, who approach the question from the feasibility of technology, talking about ‘federated databases’ real-time ETL. real-time purchase history. For techies these are valid questions and interesting arguments. But, if the data doesn’t reach the point of […]